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About Kraig

I am a small town guy from Maine, and I specialize in guaranteed retirement income strategies, wealth preservation, and business protection planning.

You only get one chance to pack your bags for this financial journey. The path to retirement or the sale of a business is one continuous trip. If you find yourself unprepared in the future, you can not turn back the clock.


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Disability Insurance 101 – What is COLA?

What is COLA? C-O-L-A. Cost of Living Adjustment. If you are under the age of 45 -- 50—under that age; absolutely consider getting a Cost of Living Adjustment added to your policy. […]

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Disability Insurance 101 – Start Small but Start

Your family is the most precious thing, but all of the various things that you do. All the material things that you have, the places you go, the things you do, those are courtesy of your paycheck and your ability to earn an income.[...]

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Own Occupation vs Any Occupation

If your disability insurance policy says, "Any occupation," well any occupation, but if it says, "Own occupation," well, you can't do your own occupation anymore. The insurance company is going to say that qualifies as disabled. They're going to go ahead and pay your benefits.[...]

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Life Insurance Through Disability Insurance

We go through my disability insurance policy. So, today's lesson actually is going to be life insurance inside disability insurance. That's right. If you get a good disability insurance policy it will often include a life insurance benefit.[...]

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